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World AIDS Day 2017 Events


Monday, November 27

"Tenant's Regular Payment to Landlord for use of property/land" Sing-A-Long

6pm-8pm The Women's Center
Come sing along to one of the most famous pop culture depictions of the HIV/AIDS crisis. Before you light the candle on Friday, join us in critiquing and enjoying a classic rock musical. Be in community with popcorn at the Women's Center leading up to World AIDS Day.

Tuesday, November 28

World AIDS Day Craft

11am-12pm The Zone (Price Center Plaza, next to Jamba Juice)
Make a red ribbon keychain in honor of World AIDS Day and learn about the variety of on-campus events taking place throughout the week to commemorate this global awareness event.

How to Survive a Plague Film Screening

6pm-8pm The Women's Center
How to Survive a Plague is a modern documentary focusing on the activism of communities who fought the AIDs epidemic. This documentary specifically follows the organizations ACT UP and TAG, whose activism is credited to saving over 16 million lives through awareness-raising and education. Created by people with an HIV-positive diagnosis, the film shows how the members of ACT UP and TAG "refused to die without a fight." Come watch, reflect, eat popcorn, and craft with us at the Women's Center to lead up to World AIDs Day.

Wednesday, November 29

Fire in the Blood Film Screening

6pm-8pm The Women's Center
Fire in the Blood is about big pharma's monopoly on medicine. This film shows how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments have continued to block access in the Global South to AIDs medicine, an act that has been called the 'Corporate Crime of the Century.' Come learn about the modern activism surrounding access to lifesaving medicine. Craft, eat popcorn, and reflect at the Women's Center leading up to World AIDs Day.

Thursday, November 30

HIV/AIDS at the U.S.-Mexico Border: Binational Challenges- CANCELLED

2pm-4pm Malamud Room, Institute of the Americas
The structural and social determinants of health at the U.S.-Mexico border exacerbate the HIV/AIDS epidemic among vulnerable populations. Moreover, the border itself creates challenges of continuity of care and communication between healthcare providers. Researchers and practitioners from both sides of the border will discuss existing cross-border research, as well as the need for new mechanisms and increased funding for bilateral collaboration and policy making.

The Last One Film Screening

6pm-8pm The Women's Center
The AIDs Quilt is now more than 50 miles long when fully laid out. The film, The Last One, follows the origins of the quilt, its growth, and the communities who have contributed to it. Come to the Women's Center to examine how stigma, discrimination, social status and the lack of access to care exacerbate a disease. Craft, eat popcorn, and reflect before World AIDs Day.

UCSD HIV/AIDS Research in Africa and AIDS Memorial Quilt Vigil Date

6:30pm-8:30pm School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS) Classroom 3201, Price Center Ballroom East
GPS Professors Josh Graff Zivin and Gordon McCord and the School of Medicine's Division of Infectious Disease and Global Public Health Professor Rebecca Fielding-Miller will present some of their current Africa-based HIV/AIDS research. Afterward, attendees will be invited to walk to Price Center to help unpack and view the AIDS Memorial Quilt, which was created to honor the lives lost due to HIV/AIDS and is the largest community folk art piece in the world. There will be three panels of the quilt on display at Price Center Ballroom East and candles for people to light in honor of those impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Friday, December 1 - World AIDS Day

Before you start experiencing all of the World AIDS Day events around campus, students should pick up a World AIDS Day Passport on a condom rose or dental dam lily at the World AIDS Day tables on library walk in front of Student Health Services. Passports can be stamped at various World AIDS Day events throughout the day. Completed Passports can be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a 16GB iPad Air! #ucsdAIDS17

7am-3pm AIDS Memorial Quilt Candle Light Vigil Price Center Ballroom East
The AIDS Memorial Quilt is the largest community folk art piece in the world, and it was created to honor the lives that were lost due to HIV and AIDS. There will be three panels of the quilt, one native to San Diego, on display at Price Center Ballroom East.

7am-3pm Imagine the Angels of Bread Art Exhibit Price Center East Ballroom
ArtistLeo Herrera explores various dimensions of gay Latino life highlighting gay Latino experiences of HIV and the various issues which make gay Latino men particularly vulnerable in regards to the epidemic. The exhibit is part of Elevate Revolutionary Art's fine art photography program.

7am-3pm HIV Related Research Posters Price Center East Ballroom
Poster presentations of HIV/AIDS related research from UC San Diego students, staff, postdocs, and faculty in the Price Center Ballroom East.

7am-3pm Alternate Endings, Radical Beginnings Video Program Price Center East ballroom
Curated by Visual AIDS, this video program prioritizes Black narratives within the ongoing AIDS epidemic through the video work of seven queer and trans black artists. In spite of the impact of HIV/AIDS within Black communities, these stories and experiences are constantly excluded from larger artistic and historical narratives.

10am-4pm HIV/STI Testing Bus Library Walk
There will be free HIV/STI testing. Testing should take 5-10 minutes and results for the HIV tests will be ready within 20 minutes. The result of the STI test will be delivered to the patient in one to two weeks.

11am-3pm Tabling and Red Ribbon Distribution Library Walk
On the official day of the event, join us on Library Walk to learn more about HIV and AIDS and get a red ribbon to honor World AIDS Day. There will also be a Snapchat geo-filter available. There will be an opportunity to enter a raffle for an iPad Air by participating in a number of activities and collecting stamps.

11am-3pm Photobooth in honor of World AIDS Day Library Walk
There will be a photobooth on Library Walk where everyone can take pictures with props in honor of World AIDS Day.

12pm exactly Library Chimes Giesel Library - Within personal hearing/visual distance of the chimes atop Geisel Library
Scott Paulson of the UC San Diego Library will perform a special peal on the chimes atop Geisel Library to mark a moment of reflection for World AIDS Day.

12pm-1:30pm Gender Buffet: World AIDS Day Today Women's Center
On World AIDS Day, Gender Buffet will host a documentary screening and discussion about contemporary issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. At the end of the discussion (around 12:50pm) Gender Buffet will transition to Price Center Ballroom East to a group viewing of the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

12:00pm-12:50pm PrEP and PEP with Dr. Kadakia - Cross-Cultural Center Cross-Cultural Center
Dr. Kadakia will go over PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis), two methods of preventing the spread of HIV.

12:30pm Flashmob Price Center West Outdoor Plaza
Watch members of UC San Diego's community in a flash mob which educates, inspires and honors World AIDS Day, while encouraging viewers to engage with events connected to World AIDS Day!

1pm Living Red Ribbon Photo Opportunity Triton Steps at the Triton Fountain
Wear red and join other UC San Diego community members as we form a living red ribbon on the Triton Steps just outside of the Price Center Ballroom East. Photograph taken at 1:10pm!